Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beggin to differ

Well, now that I got my post and my thoughts of Farming out of the way. Let's address this issue of being a Redneck. I really don't know if that is accurate, maybe somewhere between Hillbilly and Redneck, either way, yes honey, I have now put myself into this space as well. I would think that a label of a person who is self sufficient is a positive thing. Anyway, at least this way we get some balance to what is happening in our family life. As for walking around the house naked, BRING IT ON!!!!! Next week we'll see update about this weekend coming up.


Bridget said...

I guess Jeremy figured out the password to the blog. Mindie you better not think you are off the hook for good. We expect to hear from you on here.

I think Jeremy just misses writing papers since he is done with school.

Burrup Family said...

Oh this blog I am going to check everyday. You guys crack me up!!