Thursday, October 9, 2008

As Promised

Well, the last post promised that more pictures were to come of the family out and about in the woods and so here they are. This weekend had many focuses; hunting, four-wheeling and general fun! I will spare the animal shots this time, but two nice 6 point Bulls were shot and some Ruffed Grouse (one of these pictures is me trying to get Jaxon on a Grouse with a gun). So overall a productive weekend and a tiring one - two long days of packing out elk.

As you can see the four wheeling was a definite activity for us to be doing, we all love it and the exploring of the mountains was great. The fall colors were out in full force and so was the fall weather. Rain, wind and hail were all present but we had a great time. Jace, who loves to ride the machines as seen above can't resist the lulling to sleep on many rides. It sure makes for creative steering.

Along with all the other things we are engaged in right now, the camping is always a hit with our family. Hopefully, we will get another trip or two in before the year is up. As we move into the fall we will be wrapping up canning and prepping for the winter, afterall, I need time to put all the big game hunting items away to get ready for 'yoters and ducks! We will have to see how the kids handle that adventure.


Burrup Family said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the colors of fall.

West Family said...

love the blog - as always you are so funny - i end up laughing out loud. thanks ! valerie