Friday, August 7, 2009


Last weekend we took "ole Bessie" (the white hot rod) through the car wash...with the windows down. This was by far the MOST FUN I have ever had!! We kidnapped a few friends and suprised them with the "little drive". It was so much fun we went through it twice!

We had to leave the doors open all night for the inside to dry out. It looked a bit TPK out front but it was worth it!

While the BOYS are away...the GIRLS will Play!!

Last weekend was the father/son camp out. I figured the girls would want to do the usual and just get dinner and catch a movie...but nope, they decided to do makeovers instead...yippee!! So we took turns doing each others hair, makeup and nails until 3am. Little did I know that this mean't I would end up with 27 little pigtails! There were some ground couldn't look at your hair or makeup until it was done and you had to wear the outfit that was picked out for you...and as you can see...they were UGLY! BUT WE HAD A BLAST!!

Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or...MAKE IT YOURSELF!

After being married to the same man for 13 LONG years, I've finally decided that his motto is "Fix it up; wear it out...make it do, or... make it yourself! Many have seen the creative projects scattered about our home. But this is truely one-of-a-kind... a "homeade" firepit for the front yard!

Notice the fine metal legs so creatively welded to the bottom of the can! Could you picture any place better to roast marshmellows???

Sadly, the fire kept buring out (too bad) But Jeremy had an idea. He added a metal pipe to the pit and placed a fan on top giving air to the fire. And...watta worked...a little too well! The fire got huge and blew ash everywhere! Oh my...what will he think of next??? It doesn't matter...The kids had fun and enjoyed some tasty shmellos frosted with a bit of ash!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Plowing a tiring job...

What do you get when you mix lots of snow and 2 blue barrels? A GO-SLED! Actually, I'm not sure what you call it...but it was a "barrel" of fun! ha ha What else are you supposed to do with those big blue barrells anyway??? Mom...don't worry, our water supply is sufficient.


The hot stallion in the above picture is my brother...wearing Maddie's basketball t-shirt from last year...obviously it is TOO tight & TOO small but he didn't care. He wore the shirt to the game...I thought Maddie was going to die.

We finally convinced him to change right before the game started...but not before taking a few more pics! I'm sure he'll be dancing with his daughter next year at the stadium of fire!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

As Promised

Well, the last post promised that more pictures were to come of the family out and about in the woods and so here they are. This weekend had many focuses; hunting, four-wheeling and general fun! I will spare the animal shots this time, but two nice 6 point Bulls were shot and some Ruffed Grouse (one of these pictures is me trying to get Jaxon on a Grouse with a gun). So overall a productive weekend and a tiring one - two long days of packing out elk.

As you can see the four wheeling was a definite activity for us to be doing, we all love it and the exploring of the mountains was great. The fall colors were out in full force and so was the fall weather. Rain, wind and hail were all present but we had a great time. Jace, who loves to ride the machines as seen above can't resist the lulling to sleep on many rides. It sure makes for creative steering.

Along with all the other things we are engaged in right now, the camping is always a hit with our family. Hopefully, we will get another trip or two in before the year is up. As we move into the fall we will be wrapping up canning and prepping for the winter, afterall, I need time to put all the big game hunting items away to get ready for 'yoters and ducks! We will have to see how the kids handle that adventure.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beggin to differ

Well, now that I got my post and my thoughts of Farming out of the way. Let's address this issue of being a Redneck. I really don't know if that is accurate, maybe somewhere between Hillbilly and Redneck, either way, yes honey, I have now put myself into this space as well. I would think that a label of a person who is self sufficient is a positive thing. Anyway, at least this way we get some balance to what is happening in our family life. As for walking around the house naked, BRING IT ON!!!!! Next week we'll see update about this weekend coming up.