Friday, August 7, 2009

While the BOYS are away...the GIRLS will Play!!

Last weekend was the father/son camp out. I figured the girls would want to do the usual and just get dinner and catch a movie...but nope, they decided to do makeovers instead...yippee!! So we took turns doing each others hair, makeup and nails until 3am. Little did I know that this mean't I would end up with 27 little pigtails! There were some ground couldn't look at your hair or makeup until it was done and you had to wear the outfit that was picked out for you...and as you can see...they were UGLY! BUT WE HAD A BLAST!!

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Craig and Pam said...

Love the hair...Glad to see you posting again...I love seeing what is happening at your house. Have you finished school now? Love you.